Perdomo ESV ’91 Nobleza

Before I start my review, I wanted to briefly mention the contest that is currently going on here at Mike’s Stogies. Of course you are aware that my identity is, as of yet, unknown. When I decided to join Mike’s Stogies, we decided too have a little bit of fun with this and offer up a fiver to the one who can guess my identity. So, after reading my reviews, if you think you know who I am, post your guess in a comment. If no one guesses correctly after several reviews I will post hints to help the process along. Good Luck!

This week I am reviewing the Perdomo ESV ’91 Noblezza. This is a cigar that has been out of production for sometime and is another stick that has been resting in my humidor. I was a big fan of these about 6 years ago when they were first released. This particular cigar has been hiding in my humidor for just as long. The Perdomo ESV (or Estate Seleccion Vintage) line is made with Cuban seed tobacco grown in Esteli for the binder and filler. The wrapper on the Nobleza is Cameroon. It is 5.6″ by 48 and comes in a cedar lined tube.

Once the cigar is removed from the gilded tube, it is clear that it is very well constructed of quality tobacco. There are no tears, cracks or flaws in the wrapper and it has a nice aroma of cedar and a sweet hay. There was also some noticeable plume on the wrapper.

The cold draw had notes of the same sweet hay and wood. It was also fairly creamy. Once lit, I immediately picked up cinnamon and leather. That remained through the first third. Hay and wood finished the palate but it was still very balanced and creamy. The smoke in the retrohale had a cedary spice but also finished creamy. These notes stayed the same through the first third.

Very quickly into the second third the richness of the cigar increased. The individual flavor notes remained the same but intensified. Notes of leather and dry roasted peanuts presented towards the middle of the cigar. The smoke picks up a a peppery spice in the retrohale. Each puff also finishes with a peppery spice as it progresses closer to the final third.

As the cigar finishes, these notes acheive a perfect balance and remains a medium to full bodied smoke. I am glad that despite the five plus years of age, the Perdomo ESV 91 did not lose any of its richness or spice. I regret that I don’t have any more to enjoy but I will always hold this cigar in high regard as one of my all time favorites.

In conclusion, any guesses as to who I am??? Don’t forget to post your guesses in a comment

2 Responses to “Perdomo ESV ’91 Nobleza”

  1. Perdomos are a great stick I have had many of Nicks stuff and really enjoy them. Well done on your Second post, here at Mikes Stogies… my guess who you are….hm… could it be one. @mattmarronna

  2. Great review. I’ve become hooked on the little Perdomo Reserve Limited Cameroons. Since Corey beat me to the punch in guessing Matt, I’m going to go ahead and guess Christine Morgan.

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