Padilla Signature 1932 Oscuro

A few weeks back, during a trip to The Westside Humidor in Wichita, I had the opportunity to pick up the Padilla Signature 1932 Oscuro. Apparently they had a couple humidors tucked away and decided to sell the contents of one of them. The humidors for this cigar consist of 45 stick in churchill, torpedo and robusto sizes. It features an oscuro wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and fillers. I truly couldn’t pass it up, especially since this particular blend was created before Pepin split from Padilla in 2008.

Before I even cut the torpedo, I was really looking forward to smoking it. It smelled absolutely wonderful. It had an aroma of cocoa, wood and leather that was very rich. It was also a very velvety looking dark brown wrapper that further added to the appeal.

The cold draw brought notes of cocoa, hay, wood and a very pleasant sweetness. Once lit, the cocoa and wood began to mingle with leather in the very first few puffs. The retrohale held a spice that had a cedariness to it as well as the warmth of cinnamon.

After the first impression puffs, the notes gradually became more complex in the first third. As well as the leather and chocolate, I started to notice a sweet cream and the wood became more noticeable as oak on the back of the palate. There was a slight hint of cayenne as well. The retrohale did not change from my first few puffs except the intensity increased as the first third ended. The draw and burn were close to perfection.

Into the second third, both cedar and oak are noticeable at this point. The leather starts to increase and the finish of the smoke is now a sweet cream combined with a rich cocoa. The retrohale is more dynamic in the nostrils as pepper becomes more noticeable over the initial cinnamon and replaces the cedar. Once I reach the midway point all the notes start to intensify and becomes very rich. The spice and cocoa are the most noticeable.

My palate was momentarily tricked as I puffed into the last part of the cigar. At first it seemed like this stick would finish in a wonderful balance of flavors. Oh no. The more I smoked, the more spice I picked up, the stronger it got. I hardly noticed anything but the spice for the remainder of the cigar. However the smoke in the retrohale was amazing and rich and reminded me of Mexican cocoa.

This really was a great cigar. It was rich and complex in every aspect, even in the aromas emanating from the wrapper before it was ever lit up. It started as more medium in strength but finished full and spicy, which was just perfect for my palate. If you can get your hands on this particular blend, give it a shot. It was a really great smoking experience for me!

And by the way, I just had to save this for last, but someone did guess who I am. Yes, it’s me, Christine Morgan, the Lovely Lady of the Stick, that has been contributing reviews for Mike’s Stogies. My site is still up and running, no worries. From here on out, my posts will be under the LLOTS name as well. So Congrats to JJo for guessing right and now all you need to do is email me at Include your address so I can get your fiver off in the mail!


5 Responses to “Padilla Signature 1932 Oscuro”

  1. Damn Girl congrats on you’re new gig over here…. Didn’t realize things were that bad that you now have to slum it over with us!!! haha. At first I thought my guess was correct with Matt Moronna and the Green Nail Polish then you had to go and ruin it for me… Very cool I’m glad you are aboard this crazy train we need some class over here, We got a whole mix of reviewers over here its like a Daycare/Govt working/big hairy mess… thank God you are here we need help!!!

  2. I kinda figured. I did state that your past reviews were eloquent. I would not describe or address another dude or his review as such. Good luck and nice to see you on Mikes Stogies. The man must be very happy to have you here.

  3. I second what JohnG said about your writing. It’s great to see you reviewing here, and it’s nice to have someone who can spell “palate” correctly, lol. Thank you for your generosity!
    Great review, by the way. It’s unfortunate that Padillas seem to be hard to come by around here.

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    I thought it was Youngbuck showing his true Colors! I knew it wasn’t Mike because his nails were never that long when he scratched my back and Gruff doesn’t have any fingers. He actually has 20 toes. Loved the review LLOTS! Welcome and I can’t wait for more reviews.

    • LMAO! I was tempted to guess the other LLOTS, the Long-haired Lecher of the Sticks, aka @knightrid. That is, until I realized that none of the cigars came in bundles.

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