Avo Signature

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Size: Robusto

To start off this review I want to say I am sorry I still haven’t posted a video. Next week there should be one due to the fact that this will be my one year anniversary considering today is my birthday… Yay me… (sarcasm if you couldn’t tell). But any who I would like to say this stogie I reviewed was gifted to me by my girlfriend but lets not get too carried away and lets review this shit.

This cigar I am going to  review in one section due to the fact that it was extremely bland. First off when I lit it I got this pretty good mellow spicy flavor but it quickly ended and ran into an oaky woody taste which ended up following the cigar all the way through. For a $14 stick I was pretty disappointed in the lack of flavor but if you are looking for an expensive boring smoke I would defiantly suggest this. Now although I wasn’t to thrilled on the price if this stick was in the $7 range I would have liked it much better but since it was twice the price I was throughly disappointed.

A quick thank you to Mike for letting me review on his site I know we have had our ups and downs but I have throughly enjoyed this year and hope to continue as time goes on. Thanks Mike.

4 Responses to “Avo Signature”

  1. Ooh, expensive AND boring. Bummer.

    Happy Birthday anyway!

  2. I haven’t had anything off the Avo line other than the Limited Edition La Trompeta, I enjoyed it, but it was fairly expensive too. Not sure if its worth it or not.

  3. Happy Birthday douche are you old enough to drive yet? haha seriously happy birthday brother hope its better the this cigar was.

  4. abraxas828282 Says:

    Happy happy joy joy Mike! Hope you had a great birthday! I have to agree with you. I have tried many of the AVO cigars and for my taste they are not only tremendously over priced but just plain not good! I stiled wasting my money on them a long time ago but people continue to give them to me as gifts. Can’t wait for a new video!

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