Hight Cigars Primitivo

Last summer at IPCPR in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of being introduced to Chip Hight of Hight Cigars out of Houston, TX. Not only does he have a passion for cigars, Chip also is an accomplished culinary master. I think that fact alone gives way to big expectations when blending a cigar. He is skilled in rolling cigars and even gives demonstrations. Curiosity peaked, I decided this weeks review would be the Hight Cigar Primitivo. Production of these cigars is in Esteli, Nicaragua and the three blends he currently has are composed solely of Nicaraguan Tobacco.


The Primitivo has a Jalapa grown Habano wrapper with binder and filler coming from Esteli. The band is a thick paper with gold lettering and looks very rustic. There is also approximately an 8th of an inch on the foot of the cigar that remains unwrapped. The wrapper is a beautiful medium brown and has an aroma of earth and tobacco. I did not notice any further, more specific notes. Once cut, the cold draw has flavors of a rich earth. Once toast and lit, spice joins the richness and earthiness.


The first third begins with wood, cocoa, earth and spice. Notes of wood finish off the palate. The smoke is very robust and spicy, as is the retrohale. There are no further changes until the first third is almost smoked through, then the spice picks up, both on the palate and the retrohale.


Spice is the most noticeable flavor to start the second third which transitions nicely to wood, cocoa and earth. At about the midway point, coffee and leather join the body of notes adding to the full ness. The retrohale is still rich and spicy.


The finale of the cigar is all about spice. I picked up a more distinct cinnamon as the notes in the retrohale intensifies. At this point the spice begins to linger on the palate and almost masks the coffee, leather and cocoa.


Chip has created a full bodies, flavorful smoke for the more discerning palate. I was very impressed with not only the flavor profile but also the strength. This fits my flavor profile rather perfectly. Unfortunately there is only a few locations where this cigar can be purchased, seriouscigars.com being one of them. If you come across one of these blends, give it a shot. It is well worth it.

4 Responses to “Hight Cigars Primitivo”

  1. Great Review Christine, I haven’t heard of this stick but after reading your post I realize I might not get to try this one. Sounds like it would be a different smoke… not sure how I feel about the band although its great to see smaller guys get into this business..

  2. Another intriguing review. Like Corey said, I don’t know that I’ll be able to find these (other than online, of course), but I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Hard to tell what vitola this is. Toro perhaps?

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the great review Christine. I have been hearing some good things about the sticks being put out by Chip! This cigar sounds like it is right up my ally. Keep up the great work!

  4. Never heard of it but it does indeed sounds like something that I would like. Thanks for the review Christine.

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