Camacho Legendario Bertha

This weeks review was a favorite of mine about 6 years ago when they were first released. The Camacho Legendario originally came in cabinets and had a band only on the foot. It was very simplistic and almost rustic. In the last few years, Camacho redesigned the band and added one to the head of the cigar as well as keeping the band on the foot. They also began packaging them in cello and now come in 25 count boxes in two different wrappers, instead of the large 100 count cabinets (although the cabinets are still available).

To be completely honest, I do not remember too many specific details about this cigar from my experiences 6 years ago, so I cannot truthfully do a comparison. All I can say is I smoked the hell out of them. I actually smoked a lot of Camacho in my “noob” days. And to be frank, I always went for the 6 by 60 sizes, like this Legendario Bertha. (Insert obvious size joke here.)

Jokes aside, here are the dirty details on this particular stick. The Legendario Bertha has a wonderful dark Mexican wrapper with Honduran binder and filler. The wrapper looks a bit toothy but it also has a bit of sparkle to it where the oils from the leaf are aging nicely and crystallizing. The only complaint I have is that it appears the cap was crudely applied, like it was unevenly cut and an excess of pectin was used to hold it in place.

While preparing to cut and light the cigar, I notice it has a sweet aroma of hay, earth and wood emanating from the wrapper. The cold draw brings notes of cocoa as well as hay and simple tobacco to my palate. The first few puffs present earth, spice and hay with a lot of spice in the retrohale. I very quickly start to notice hints of leather in the profile and each draw finishes rich and earthy on the palate. After about a half an inch, the spice picks up and lingers throughout each puff but it starts to balance at about the inch mark and the leather becomes more pronounced. The retrohale at this point is moderately spicy but rich.

The second third of the cigar brings notes of cocoa and pepper, just like a good Mexican hot cocoa. These notes are consistent to about the half way point. Leather returns to the profile and I also notice a sweet creaminess. Spice returns to the back of the palate and the retrohale picks up a bit more heat.

The final third brings a perfect balance of flavors. It is rich in wood, leather and cocoa with the spice subsiding substantially. However, the retrohale returns to its moderate spice that I experienced in the first third. The consistency of the profile in the finale of the Legendario was the perfect finish to this cigar.

I enjoyed revisiting this old favorite with a more experienced palate. The blend remains a great medium body both in strength and complexity. If you are a medium bodied fan give this one a try and don’t forget this blend also has a creamy Connecticut wrapped version too!

3 Responses to “Camacho Legendario Bertha”

  1. you like em big huh?? hahah I honestly haven’t had much Camacho stuff. No real reason just never got around to trying it. Hope you have a great weekend. Great review

  2. I didn’t realize these came with a Mexican wrapper, but I haven’t seen them around here anyway. Sounds like a good one to pick up if I ever come across one. Thanks for another great review.

  3. Dan Snate Says:

    I actually like Camacho cigars for the most part. Lots of bold tasting ones found at and you can use their cigar finder feature to narrow down the selection according to your preferences. Pretty neat. Good post!

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