La Palina (Three Guys and a Cigar)

Today I was lucky enough to hang out with two guys I really say are ego free and honest cigar smoker’s like myself. Tom and Ed took sometime out to do a review with me. We reviewed the La Palina. Thanks to Ed for sending this to me and we discussed the cigar as well as some ego and other smoking ways to help your palate. So sit back and enjoy the show. Make sure to go to and

mobile device user’s click here:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

7 Responses to “La Palina (Three Guys and a Cigar)”

  1. First I thought Youngbuck had the baby face.. this is an adult show for People of 18 years of age!!! Holy Crap dude… talk about clean shaven. Are you out on the prowl for Highschool kids again!! haha looking good man. Sounds like a great mid day stick athough a Bit high on the price range. Love the joint review it worked well. Hope all is well.

    • Corey just trying to be like u buddy lmao. Thanks man for support as always it’s truly humbling the support we get. Go Phillies lol

  2. I enjoy these joint reviews, as they really show how differently we all perceive flavors and can have different experiences in smoking the same cigar. I haven’t tried any of the La Palinas; the price tends to be a deterrent for me. Thanks guys, I hope to see another tag team review again soon.

    • Jjo I agree it does show how we all have different palates but in some way pick up similar notes. Thanks as always for the support.

  3. run n late Says:

    I have to agree with Corey when the video first started I was thinking, “Who is this new guy?” then I heard Mikes voice and almost fell out on the floor. Good review as always.

  4. TriMarkC Says:

    Ha! Try shaving your head some time – that’ll REALLY throw em off!
    I’ve got a La Palina somewhere in one of my humidors that I haven’t tried yet … guess I’ll have to dig it out and try it now.

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