Xikar Axia

This will be short and sweet due to the fact that I am writing with one hand… you may be asking your self why the hell I am doing that and the fact of the matter is I have a broken hand. Now for the good stuff my lighter review.

The Xikar Axia – A two jet butane burning lighter. My number one go to lighter when I need to light up a stogie. This guy comes equipped with two jets and an adjustable flame height. This baby also comes with a lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong. I am sorry for everything being so short and me being absent two weeks ago but I am going through some tough times and I hope everyone can respect that. Have a good day and like always God bless.

5 Responses to “Xikar Axia”

  1. Speedy recovery man!

  2. My friend has this lighter and has had it for years, I love it and I have been thinking about pulling the plug on it.

  3. chrisbotl Says:

    Stop trying to punch your way out of wet paper bags Buck.

    Any Xikar product is top notch in my opinion especially with their customer service.

  4. TriMarkC Says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not doing well. The avatar in the email looked like it was taken in a hospital!! My wife just broke her hand last week, and is having a difficult time maneuvering, as well.

  5. Life gets better buddy. Turst me your very young its all going to be ok. Great review.

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