Frank Llaneza 1961 Double Magnum

This cigar has been amongst my favorites for quite some time but when I mention the Frank Llaneza 1961 I’m typically met with head scratching and confused looks. Which, in my humble opinion, is very unfortunate.


The Frank Llaneza Double Magnum (6 1/2 x 54) has filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, binder from Nicaragua and a dark Ecuadorian Criollo wrapper. Now this beautiful wrapper has a veins, a nice oily sheen and aroma of sweet cocoa, hay and tobacco. The cold draw has the same notes of cocoa, hay and tobacco.


After lighting up, I’m immediately met with rich cocoa, wood and spice. The cocoa and wood remain as I continue to smoke but picks up an underlying sweetness. Spice is also noticeable mid-draw with a leathery finish. The retrohale is very potent with spice. After about an inch into the cigar, I begin to pick up notes of coffee on the finish and with this the flavors start to balance through the finish of the first third.


Into the middle third, I notice cinnamon and the cocoa, wood and spice are still present. The finish is a very smooth mix of leather, coffee and cream with plenty of white pepper in the retrohale. Halfway salted peanuts become evident as the wood, cocoa and leather also pick up in richness. The spice is quite subtle at this point but remains in the retrohale. Again, the coffee comes back into play but starts to intensify.


Coffee is the main player of notes in the final third. The cocoa, leather, wood and spice maintain a perfect balance in the finish of each draw. And of course the retrohale still maintains the heat of the white pepper.

The Frank Llaneza 1961 Double Magnum is a wonderful cigar for those enjoying a medium to full range. It is very hearty and rich. The construction was perfection and I did not have any burn or draw issues, nor did I need to relight it. If you are a fuller bodied fan, I wouldn’t certainly recommend giving this a shot.

And yes, I just had to make the nail polish match on purpose this time! 😉


2 Responses to “Frank Llaneza 1961 Double Magnum”

  1. Scratching my head… yup. sounds like a really good stick may I ask where you found it? Seems like it would be good for an end of day smoke for me.

  2. I have always been tempted to try one of these every time I run across it. I have heard good things about them and for one reason or another I have never reached for it. On my next visit to J.R. Cigars in NJ (which is where I usually see this cigar), I will now definitely try it. Thanks for the review Christine.

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