Illusione Epernay Hybrid

Today I am doing a Hybrid review of the Illusione Epernay thanks to @lady of the stick aka Christine Morgan from

She wrapped this cigar with a Habano and Candela wrappers. So let’s see my thoughts on this amazing cigar and what if any difference these wrappers make.

mobile device user’s click here:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

4 Responses to “Illusione Epernay Hybrid”

  1. That’s great! It’s the first time I’ve heard someone else’s opinion of what Christine has been doing. She should go into partnership with some of the manufacturers to do some LEs. 😉 Nice of you to share it with us, and kudos to LLOTS for taking a different approach to the enjoyment of the pastime. So did she re-wrap a Devil’s Weed for Mike?

    • I agree Jjo she is doing some good things over at her site as well as here. I’m not sure what she sent Nike but the DW I don’t think anything can help that. Thanks buddy

    • BTW Mike, best of luck on your surgery. Get well quick.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mike. Nice job by Christine. (She has a great website also). I say she wrapped the La Flor Dominicana with the Epernay wrapper for Mike F.???

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