Torcido Cigars Lancero

This weeks review, the Torcido lancero, was a gift  from one of the three shops that exclusively carry this line, Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga, TN. Torcido is the first line to come from new company Twisted Cigars, founded by Christian and Jessica Hutson of Just For Him, Springfield, MO. The website states it is a Dominican Puro created at the Matasa Factory.  It also comes in robusto and corona sizes. There is little other information on the cigar. Why? Christian and Jessica wants the consumers to experience it for themselves without influencing our palates, I assume. I love it.

So let’s get to it.

The wrapper is a velvety, chocolate brown. There are  a few small veins, but no cracks or tearing of the wrapper. The cap is finished with a pigtail and the foot of the cigar has some extra tobacco folded over, giving it a rough look, which I think is very fitting. There is an earthy, rich aroma coming from the wrapper that also has hints of cocoa and a pleasant sweetness. The cold draw is also earthy with hints of cocoa.

The first thing that hits my palate is spice followed by a progression of earth, hay and cocoa. AS the first portion of this cigar continues, the spice and cocoa start to linger throughout the draw. The spice leaves a tingling sensation in the entire mouth. After about an inch, the cocoa and spice intensify and the wood and hay move to the back of the palate giving each draw a sweeter finish. The smoke is very dense and spicy.

The middle third of the cigar adds notes of leather to the palate with wood and coffee. Cocoa is noticeable mid draw and spice returns to the finish. Halfway through the cigar, spice covers the entire mouth again and lingers. the after taste at this point is of coffee and leather. Those notes move to the front of the draw again, followed by cocoa and a spicy finish to end the second third.

The spice really balances out for the finale of this stick and coffee becomes the main note with a wonderful, leather and earthy mix. The spice is still there but it is very subtle on the back of the palate. All in all, the Torcido Lancero is a great medium to full bodied smoke. There were some wonderful tasting notes that washed over my palate in waves but the finish was very balanced. I look forward to trying the robusto and corona sizes.

My apologies for posting about such a hard to find cigar but I loved it  and had to share with you all. Should you decide to give the Torcido a try, contact one of these three shops:

Just For Him, Springfield, MO

Burns Tobacconist Downtown, Chattanooga, TN

The Humidor Cigars and Lounge West, Wichita, KS

2 Responses to “Torcido Cigars Lancero”

  1. Great review, its nice to see hard to get reviews sometimes I will check mutiple sites and find the same sticks reviewed I like to read about ones that I may not have heard of. Great job

  2. I smoke these frequently. Definitely among my favorites.

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