Don Lino Africa

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Cameroon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

Size: Punda Milia (6.5×44)

Pre Light

The Africa has a very rustic and toothy wrapper with a slight oily sheen to it.  There aren’t many protruding veins and there are a few blemishes on the wrapper but they were most likely caused by transit issues.  After snipping the cap the draw is great and has a sweet flavor off the couple of pulls I took.  The cold wrapper has a manure scent to it with a slight pepper.

1st Third

The cigar starts off with a slight pepper but quickly gives way to a sweet coffee and toasty wood flavors.  The burn is cool and slow burning with a slightly gray ash.

2nd Third

I start to pick up a third flavor here at the half way through the cigar.  There is a rich cocoa flavor that is blending well with the coffee and wood flavors picked up in the 1st third. The burn is still pretty straight and hasn’t needed any relights or touch ups.

Final Third

As I wrap up this week’s cigar I picked the same flavors in the final third but the cocoa flavor I noticed in the middle portion became more prominent in the end.  Didn’t need any relights all the way down to the end of cigar.


This cigar was very enjoyable all the way down to the end.  The flavors blended well together and construction was well done which seem small but in my opinion it makes for a more enjoyable experience.  But the real kicker is the price of these smokes. CI currently has a box of 25 for this size at around $50. Well that’s just my opinion get out there and give em a try.

Keep em burnin’


3 Responses to “Don Lino Africa”

  1. I had a couple of these sticks I picked up at a local B&M and I wasn’t impressed but at that CI price they might be a better buy. Maybe I’ll revisit this down the line. Great write up.

  2. TriMarkC Says:

    I’ve got one of these sitting somewhere in one of my humidors; gifted to me by a BOTL that is always challenging me to try more and more (which I love to do anyway). Have to find this and light it up now.

  3. I smoked the robusto size last night. Won a 5-pack for almost nothing. First off, I hate the band. The cigar itself looked okay. Good draw and burn. Flavors were wood and what I would describe as tea with a hint of sweetness. Some toasted spice here and there. I found the finish to be kind of dry, and it seemed to linger. Strength and body both seemed in the medium neighborhood to me. Not a bad cigar, certainly did not make me think of Africa., big game, etc. It did remind me at times of a poor man’s Joya de Nicaragua Antano but without the interesting dried berry notes. No “wow” factor here but okay, especially when purchased at a discount.

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