E.P. Carrillo 2011 Limitada Dark Rituals

I will start out by saying like I do with most cigars that I like that I really liked this stick. With the six plus months that I have let these sit in the box and age a little I believe they have drastically gotten better. I first had one of these at dinner with Ernesto P. Carrillo II and Ernesto the III for the first time in December of 2011. My first impression there was it just needed a little time to age and so that is exactly what I did, I let them sit for six plus months and wow just wow these things are amazing.

Size: 6.5×56
Wrapper: Oscuro Maduro
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium
MSRP: $15.00


Standing at six and a half inches and  at 56 ring gauges wide the Dark Rituals can kick anyones ass if they are not paying attention. This stick has a smooth kick to it. With an immediate billow of smoke this thing gave off great notes. First with coffee, then came the leather and coco. These notes stayed around for a majority of the cigar but as time went on other notes just got shoved into the mix. By the second third I was getting little hints of citrus and spice along with the steady mix of coffee, leather, and coco.



By the final third the smoke just wouldn’t let up! I was also getting a very strong spicy note which slowly muffled out all the other notes but as I got down to the last inch all the citrus, coffee, leather, and coco started to come back. And with a finish like that I can proudly say I would pay $15.00 a stick any day for this masterpiece.


Thanks again guys for sticking with me and keeping the views up. Means a lot, hope all of you are having a good summer. God bless all of you!

One Response to “E.P. Carrillo 2011 Limitada Dark Rituals”

  1. I have liked all of the EP sticks that I have tried, I haven’ t gotten my hands on this one yet but I can’t way to. Great review buck hang in there buddy

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