CLE Cuarenta Corona

I picked up this weeks review at IPCPR in Orlando. Now after a week of marathon cigar smoking, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be up for another review til next week but I saw this in my stash and just could not resist. It is a release from CLE Cigars, Christian Eiroa’s new company. The CLE Cuarenta (Spanish for 40) was released on July 5th of this year, which just so happens to be Christian’s 40th birthday. There was very little released about this blend except that it features a Habano seed wrapper. Today I am reviewing the corona size from the Cuarenta line.

The Habano seed wrapper is a silky, smooth medium brown that looks practically seamless. It has an aroma of wood and earth coming off the wrapper and the foot of the cigar. The cold draw has the same rich notes of wood and earth as well as hay. Once lit, the first few puffs bring spice to the palate, but this quickly fades leaving notes of leather, wood and earth. As the first third progresses, coffee joins the notes and some hints of spice. There is wood on the back of the palate and spice in the retrohale. The spice in the draw begins to pick of attributes of cedar as it mingles with the wood, these notes starts to slowly intensify towards the finish of the first third.

Some sweet floral notes join the coffee, leather, wood and spice as I smoking into the middle portion of the Cuarenta. This is consistent for about an inch. Then I notice hints of cocoa and the spice evolves to a stronger pepper, which is more noticeable n the back of the palate and in the retrohale. The draw has been a but tight, but not too much so, it is still smokeable without too much effort. The burn was a little uneven as well, but it quickly fixed itself.

In the final third, the pepper is noticeable in the entire draw and lingers in the aftertaste of each puff. Leather coffee and cocoa remain balancing notes throughout but the floral notes have completely dropped off the palate. After a short period, the leather and coffee become the major notes through the end of the cigar, with hints of pepper.

All in all, this was a great medium cigar, both in strength and complexity, with some great notes that would be pleasing to most palates. This certainly is a cigar that I will look forward to smoking again when I can locate them at a B&M close by. Christian Eiroa certainly has a good reputation for creating palate pleasing cigars, so I look forward to sampling his other lines.

One Response to “CLE Cuarenta Corona”

  1. Sounds like an enjoyable smoke. I hope you had a great time at IPCPR.

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