Wrapper: Dominican Republic – Habano Especial

Binder: Dominican Republic – Cubano San Vicente

Filler: Dominican Republic – Seco Habano Vuelta Arriba, Ligero Habano Vuelta Arriba, Ligero Corojo

Size: 4×58

Pre Light

This pudgy little stick has a milk chocolate colored wrapper with a few small veins running through it. There is only a little bit of oil on the wrapper.  After snipping off the cap and take a draw it is very open.  A little more than I would like and I’m hoping it doesn’t create burn problems.  On the cold draw I’m getting coffee and a slight wood.

1st Third

After lighting up there wasn’t much initial pepper and it went straight into the wood and coffee flavors I got off the cold draw.  The burn is very wavy but is relatively even.

2nd Third

The flavor profile of wood and coffee are still there but are joined by a creaminess.  The cigar is putting off a ton of thick white smoke and is burning very fast.  I’m guessing that’s from the very loose draw.

Final Third

Flavors are about the same but that pepper that was absent in the beginning of the cigar has finally showed its head. The cigar did start to get very hot down towards the end and was difficult to hold.


I enjoyed this cigar but I wish the construction was a little better.  The loose draw made the cigar burn hot and fast.  The flavor profile was nice and it was and enjoyable little smoke. Couldn’t find much info on this smoke and haven’t seen it in any stores but I’m glad I was able to try it.

Keep em burnin’


One Response to “Arsen”

  1. Hey Griff. My local B&M sells these and I had one not a bad stick for the price although I ran into burn problems and the wrapper cracked and came undone at some parts but still not a bad stick for the money.

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