Nub Maduro

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Pre Light

The Nub maduro has an oily dark brown wrapper with no overly large veins running through it.  The cigar is well packed from head to foot with a nice in hand feel to it.  The cold wrapper has a sweet hay aroma to it with the foot having a more peppery chocolate.  After slicing off the cap the flavors off the cold draw are a dull chocolate and slight wood.

1st Third

There was a slight pepper on the initial lighting but the quickly mellowed and opened up the chocolate flavor I was getting on the cold draw.  The burn has stayed pretty straight and the smoke is heavy and very white.

2nd Third

The chocolate flavor is still in the forefront and I’m starting to pick up the wood in the background with a slight pepper kicking in around the end of the middle section.  The ash is holding on for a while and had to be knocked off.  The burn is still great with no relights or touch ups needed.

Final Third

The profile for this cigar is pretty much the same from beginning to end.  The chocolate flavor is the main focus of the cigar but I was expecting as much with that Brazilian wrapper.  The construction was great which is a plus in my book.


The Nub maduro is a good little smoke with rich chocolate flavors and is great for quick rides and when you don’t have time to sit and enjoy a full size smoke.  It may not be very complex but I enjoyed the flavors and wasn’t expecting a very complex cigar with the short size.  The Nub line is well worth a try so get out there and try em.

Keep em burnin’


2 Responses to “Nub Maduro”

  1. Great Review Rob, I like this stick I have had it a couple times and I never am dissapointed. Although for me this stick lasts an hour easy so its not a quick stick by any means. Keep on keeping on.

  2. These NUb Maduros are one of my favorites, as well.

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