ChaTweetup 2012 Pre Party

So in the spirit of tweetup weekend, I thought I might share a bit about my pre-event experiences instead of my usual *boring* reviews.

After a long drive overnight I arrived in Chattanooga, TN, picked up Jeannie Martinson from Sassy Ash Cigar Accessories and headed to the Burns Downtown location. There we met up with the manager, Wes Thornton and twitter friend Erin Parks and had some fine cigars and drinks.


After several hours it was almost time for the pre #ChaTweetup 2012 festivities to start so we headed over to the other Burns location for the RoMa Craft event, where I picked up a Slobber Knobber. Gotta love the name but this cigar is no joke!!! I’m saving it for a day when I have some more time to pay attention and enjoy this monster.


Skip shared a few words about the various tweetups he had personally gotten to attend and how incredible it is to get together with people you may have talked to for a year or more, sharing cigar reviews, stories and banter (all in 140 characters or less) and have never actually met. These strangers become friends with memories yet to be made. And all of these revolve around the shared passion of cigars this weekend. It never ceases to amaze me. So many people from different walks of life, with different stories to tell, all loving cigars.

I had the chance to finally meet some wonderful “tweeties” like Jess Bayne. (Thank you for the photo bomb Matt!)


And of course there are the near and dear friends that always have a special place in my heart, like Jeannie.


All the staff at both Burns locations were such wonderful hosts and there are sure to be some great times ahead this weekend! Look for my photos on twitter!!


2 Responses to “ChaTweetup 2012 Pre Party”

  1. Abraxas828282 Says:

    I hope you all have a great time! We need a tweet up in NH!

  2. Hope you guys have fun, can’t wait to hear all about it!!! enjoy

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