Pink For Men By Arsen


Yes, you read that correctly. The name of the cigar is Pink for Men and yes, it has a pink band. To some that may be a deterrent to purchase, but out here at Chesapeake they haven’t been able to keep them on the shelves. Real mean wear pink? No, real men SMOKE Pink for Men. It’s the new cigar from Dominican based company, Arsen. It has a Dominican Habano wrapper, binder from San Vicente and Dominican filler. Today I’m reviewing the robusto.


The Pink for Men has a nice, even medium brown wrapper. The cap is a bit rough looking, but I’m cutting it off anyway. There is a nice aroma of hay, wood and a sweet maple syrup. The cold draw has sweet hay, cedar and coffee. The cigar starts with a nice smooth wood with coffee and leather mid palate. There is warm medium spice in the finish that lingers in the aftertaste. The retrohale has a nice medium spice. The spice begins to pick up until about 3/4 inch in and the leather takes over on finish. It is very smooth leaving spice mid palate. At an inch in the coffee starts to pick up and the spice starts to wash over my whole palate, mingling with wood and a creamy finish.


To begin the middle third, the main notes transition from coffee to wood to leather with a pleasant spice throughout. It has a dry spice finish that is very pleasant. The spice in the retrohale remains a nice medium strength. At the halfway point, the spice picks up again warming front and mid palate. The finish is a nice leather and coffee as the second third ends.


In the final third, the spice becomes very subtle almost immediately. Wood, leather and coffee are the foundation notes but are very balanced throughout each draw. There is plenty of smoke with medium spice. It finishes without any more changes, very smooth and balanced.


Even though I’m a woman, the pink band wouldn’t have convinced me to give this cigar a shot, but Rev Mike’s recommendation did me in and I’m very glad I tried it. From start to finish it was an incredibly pleasant experience. It was complex, flavorful and balanced. I did have a few burn issues that were fixed almost immediately without the help of my lighter. They didn’t effect my smoking experience in a negative way at all. Plus I wound up with a flowering ash. The Pink for Men had a rose for the Lady of the Stick! ๐Ÿ˜‰


And of course the nail polish had to match!! ๐Ÿ™‚

One Response to “Pink For Men By Arsen”

  1. I have had the Core Arsen line and I enjoyed it I have not tried the Pink. I think this Cigar will catch on seems to be doing well in my area. Love the Nails!!! Keep up the great work

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