Padron Family Reserve No. 46

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5.5 x 56

Pre Light

I figured that my since my birthday was this weekend I would smoke something nice.  So I started digging through my humidor and came across 2 Padron 46’s and decided it was time to light them up.  The 46’s have a nice dark wrapper with a slight oil sheen to them.  The cigar feels well packed from head to toe and the unlit cigar smells like manure and spice.  With a quick slice of my Palio the cigar gives way to a nice open draw with pepper and chocolate flavors.

1st Third

Pulling out my double torch lighter I quickly spark the cigar up and am met with the typical Pepin pepper.  I am then met with a smoky wood and chocolate flavor with the spice fading into the background.  The burn has been sharp and the ash is a dark gray and a little flakey.

2nd Third

The smoke coming off of the 46 is white and thick, lingering in front of my face.  The burn has been cool and sharp with the ash becoming less and less flakey.  The chocolate and wood flavors are still the dominant flavors with notes of coffee creeping in.

Final Third

Seems that the chocolate and wood flavors are here to stay with the pepper slowly starting to show it’s head again.  Construction hasn’t been an issue with the cigar burning cool down to the end.


I know Mike reviewed this cigar a while back and I would have to agree with him that it was enjoyable cigar but I enjoyed the 45 a whole lot better.  The construction and flavor wise it was good just don’t know if it’s good enough to warrant the $20 plus price tag that comes with it.  Well that’s just my opinion go out there and give em a try.

Keep em burnin’


3 Responses to “Padron Family Reserve No. 46”

  1. What up Griff!! Happy Birthday man seems like things are going well over in South Philly area. I have had my fair share of Padrons but none of the Anny series. I tend to shy away from sticks in the Price range although I have heard great things about the higher priced lines. Next time I’m down in the Philly Holts area I may have to stop in and pick up one to treat myself. Hope all is well thanks for the review.

  2. $20/stick is a little much for the home grown stuff, hell even a little much for the overseas variety. Nice review and I’ll probably skip this one.

  3. Happy belated Birthday. Beautiful looking cigar. The only Padron Anniversary cigar I have had was the PADRON SERIE 1926 80TH ANNIVERSARY MADURO. Only one but it was fantastic. Thanks for the review.

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