The Build Part 3

Today I finally bring you another episode of The Build of my walk in humidor. Sorry it took so long but this thing takes time and money to do it correctly. First I want to say in the video when i reference the floor it’s not cedar tile its ceramic tile, I had a brain fart lol. The final part of this video should be within a month or two just waiting on the reverse osmosis and the humidification system. Shelves should be going up this weekend. Hope you enjoy and make sure to leave some comments for all the hard-working folks here at MikesStogies.

mobile device user’s click here:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

16 Responses to “The Build Part 3”

  1. Very impressive Mike. Looks great. So, what’s the date and time of the first Herf at Mike’s?

    • John should be finished by end september. Let me know when u r traveling close to this area and the herf will be on my friend.

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Looking good Mike! Maybe I will be able to come and see it finished one day if I ever get any time off!

  3. Great Video bro things are coming along very nice. Hope all is going well health wise glad to see your up and about. Let my winnings sit in there for a day or two to get the full Williams experience before you send them my way!! haha. Care to make another wager on the Bills Birds season?

  4. Damn! if I had that man cave and humi I would never want to leave the house.Good for you brother.

  5. Very nice my brother. Man I gotta remember to check out the site more often. I know I know slacker. But in all seriousness, very cool and nice job.

    • Bigmike where the heck u been lol. Yes u need to stop by and show the love to all the hard working peeps here at Mikesstogies. Glad u made it back my friend.

  6. hey mike its looking very nice in that cave!!! all you need now is a pole!!!

  7. Verry niiiiiiiiice…

  8. Man, gotta love all the care you’re putting into this. I agree with you – if you’re going to do it, do it right. Great work!

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