Bonita Smoke Shop Time Warp

Awhile back Jackie over at Bonita Smoke Shop was very kind to send me a package of a few of her house blends. The Time Warp was reviewed awhile back here at MikesStogies by Joe but since she was kind enough to send to me I figured I could give her my honest opinion. There really isn’t much information that Jackie would release except for the following. It’s a 6×50 with a price point of $6.95 each and the origin is Nicaraguan. So let’s get this show on the road and see my thoughts on the Bonita Smoke Shop Time Warp.

mobile device user’s click here:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

7 Responses to “Bonita Smoke Shop Time Warp”

  1. Thanks Mike. I need to order some of these. All I know is they were blended by Willy Herrara and made at El Titan de Bronze, and that’s probably all I need to know – haven’t had a bad cigar out of there yet. Jackie is a class act, and I wish I didn’t live 3,000 or so miles away.

    As for the haters, that’s what you get when you post to YouTube. Certainly no shortage of basement dwelling ignorants there.

    • Jjo thanks man and yes Jackie is a class act. You should def. get these cigars. As for the haters they don’t bother me I find them funny. I do what I do so people can get a Honest Opinion not some fluff. Thanks as always buddy.

  2. Whats up Mike. Great review glad to see you doing house blends. They are never sticks I give a fair chance I never seem to pick any up when I’m in my B&M. Maybe I should start smoking some I know my Wallet will be happy about it. As for the Haters… fuckem they are probably Yankee fans anyway!

    • Corey this is one u need to try for sure. Great smoke and price point. As for haters truly I don’t care just wanted up thank them. Lol

  3. mike zampini Says:

    Nice review Mike. Got some of these when family & I were down in Florida this summer. Excellent smoke and can’t beat price. Love smoking those at condo pool for a good 1 1/2 hrs. Yours site is the only one i probably follow weekly, so keep up the work, and like you said it’s only an opinion.
    Mike in Toronto

    • Mike truly man thanks for those words. Means a lot to me honestly and we all do this just give our opinions and honesty to fellow cigar lovers.

  4. I have to remember to take a detour to Bonita Smoke Shop on my next trip down there. Thanks for the review Mike.

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