Back in Time……

Well as most of you may know I’ve been sick for over three weeks and this still hasn’t gone away, so I,m unable to do a review because it wouldn’t be fair to review a cigar with my taste buds so off. I decided to go back in time and put up one of my first videos to give a look into how far we have come on MikesStogies. On another note I want to congratulate John G for winning the cheaphumidors giveaway of their cigar caddy. John I have forward your info to and you should receive your prize soon. Thanks to everyone for all your support and there is no contest with this video, sorry.

Mobile device user’s click here:

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10 Responses to “Back in Time……”

  1. Hey, who is that young man and will he be rerunning the contest, too? lol Mike, you know you’ve reached the big time when you can do a rerun as filler — will you be going into syndication soon? I’m glad that your Spanish pronunciation has improved, as well as your man-cave. 😉

    Get well soon, my man. Miss your straight-shooting reviews.

    • Jjo hey buddy thanks for coming back in time with me lol. As for the contest that’s a no just wanted to show you viewers how far we have come in our time here. I can’t give my honest opinion on a cigar being sick so we don’t want to miss a post hence I through this up. Glad u liked and as always thanks.

    • Just kidding about the contest. 🙂

    • Jjo no I’m glad u mentioned it because I’m sure others may as well. Thanks again buddy. Enjoy your smokes.

  2. WAIT???? No fucking contest,…….. Thats Crap Mikes Stogies Sucks!!!! haha Dude love the older videos you should post more of them maybe in Youngbucks place I mean he really isn’t bringing much to the table anyway!!! Loved this review its good to see some old ones before i got on the MS bandwagon. Hope you are feeling better soon I was down for about 3 days and ruined 3 cigars cause of it couldn’t taste a things and instead of not smoking I powered through and wasted them awesome!! sometimes I’m such an A hole although I dont’ have to worry now I got a fresh Box of AF1s I’m ready to lite up!!! Take care pal and keep up the great work.

    • Corey you are always a smart ass and that’s part of why I like you lol. I just may start doing that for you slackers who took so long to come to the dark side. Hope you enjoy those cigars u bastard lol. Thanks as always buddy for the support and leave Youngbuck alone.

  3. Well, first of all, I just want to say thank you to MikeStogies and Cheaphumidors. I appreciate the efforts of both MikeStogies and Stogie411 so keep up the great work. Always good to look at older reviews to compare my experience with a cigar you reviewed previously. Finally, since you appreciate wise assess, I wont feel bad saying this….I hope that between that review and now you have burned that f’ing hat. Be well, my friend.

    • Johng ok I just spit out my coffee laughing. The hat actually has been lost and I’m sad. Yes my beloved sox sucked this year but there’s always some wise ass to remind me hint hint. John thanks as always my friend for supporting us.

  4. thats crazy u look young! funny to see where your at now… doing a great job and good example of good reviews, short and simple GO YANKS!!

    • Foozer I said the same thing to my wife. This site making me old lol. Thanks buddy for the support and kind words. Screw Yankees

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