Asylum 13

To be very frank with you all, after the week I have had, the LAST thing I wanted to do was a cigar review. I’ve been moving from one house to another 4 miles down the road and I think that is worse than moving halfway across the country. It’s been ridiculous. But instead of “calling in sick”, I decides to suck up my whines and have a drink and a smoke on the back deck to wind down and I’m very glad I did.


This weeks cigar is the Asylum 13 (5 by 50). It is a Nicaraguan Puro from Asylum Cigars, created by Tom Lazuka and Kevin Baxter. It is also a part of Tabacaleras Unidas, Christian Eiroa’s latest venture. On first look, this is simply a gorgeous cigar. It has a chocolate brown wrapper that has a lovely amount of oils. It smells of cocoa, wood and a subtle spice. The cold draw has cocoa and leather.

At first light, I pick up a spice, almost a mixture of pepper and clove. It’s savory, but has a nice little bite to it. It is followed by cocoa, earth and finishes with spice. After a quarter of an inch, a subtle sweetness joins the mix as well as some notes of a dark, rich tea. The spice on the finish becomes more subtle and takes on a nice sweetness, almost creamy. The smoke is rich, powerful and spicy. (Just how I like my men, just sayin… Kidding!) The pepper and clove leave a wonderful, palate tingling aftertaste. And the burn, absolute perfection.


The notes of tea are replaced by a dark espresso into the second third. The spice is present on the front on the palate and remaining in the aftertaste. There are notes of sweet, rich earth on the back of the palate. Halfway through the espresso becomes much more noticeable with the pepper, earth and sweetness lurking in the back ground adding to the complexity. After another half inch I notice some roasted almonds as well as an understated saltiness. The retrohale remains rich in spice, earth and cream.


As the final third begins, the spice and clove notes return, leaving a tingle on my lips. These notes are followed by earth, espresso and a honey like sweetness mixed with a hint of salt. The spice in the retrohale intensifies. The finish was very balanced yet flavor, blending the pepper, clove, earth, espresso to perfection.


The Asylum 13 was the perfect finish to an arduous day. It was wonderfully savory and complex, everything I could want in a cigar. I absolutely have a new favorite. The burn was perfect as was the draw. The smoke was very aromatic and pleasing. The Asylum 13 is a very well-rounded cigar and comes with my highest recommendation. I hope you all give this one a try! They will be taking up permanent residence in my humidor.


3 Responses to “Asylum 13”

  1. Great review, hope you are confortably moved , just one question are these cigars available every where now i live on Long ISland N.Y Nassau county to be precise thanks for a very good review enjoyed it

  2. Wow New Favorite? This must be one great stick. Seems like its a winner, hope you enjoyed your move. I know it sucks but at least once you are done you’re done!! Hope you enjoy your new place.

  3. What an enticing review! I’ve been reading good things about the Asylums, so I hope to find these around here. I hope your move went well, and that you were able to have some good wine to complement your whines.

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