Swag SoBe

Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: Ego 6 x54

Pre Light

When you first pick up this cigar you can’t really see much of it with the double bands and paper covering ¾’s of the cigar.  After removing the foot band and paper it reveals an oily brown wrapper with small veins a slight reddish tone to it.  The wrapper smells of barnyard and earth.  It feels well packed from head to foot and has a nice weight to it.  After a slice of my cutter the draw is perfect.

1st Third

I initially pick up a woody and earthy flavor off the bat with a slight pepper in the background unlike a Nicaraguan puro that kicks you in the teeth with the pepper right from the start. The burn is cool and even and the smoke is like and airy.

2nd Third

Around the halfway point I start to pick up a chocolate flavor to go along with the wood.  The burn is still cool and relatively even.  The body has begun to strengthen up from a medium to a full which is nice.

Final Third

The final inch or so introduced something that in my own personal experience has only happened in lighter Connecticut shade wrappers, I picked up grassy or floral notes.  The Sobe took a complete 180 on my and it was a nice surprise.


I enjoyed this cigar very much I haven’t had a chance to smoke the Swag brand of cigars until recently and I quite enjoyed them.  The cigar was pretty complex and had a nice change of pace. The construction and presentation were also well done. Go out there and give em a try and let me know what you think.

Keep em burnin’


One Response to “Swag SoBe”

  1. Nice Review Griff I have heard a lot about these Swags but haven’t gotten my hands on them. Sounds like you really enjoyed these. Hope all is well.

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