The Build Part 4 Completed

Today I have finally finished the Build on my walk in humidor and its been a long time coming. I hope you like it and watch for the Weasel Alert for all manufacture’s  lol. I added all the other videos related to the build so you all may see the progress from start to finish.

mobile device user’s click here:

click here for The Build part 3:

click here for The Build part 2:

click here for The Build part 1:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

18 Responses to “The Build Part 4 Completed”

  1. HOGMAN thats the shit!! You did a great job on that humidor, when can i move in?! when you get that bad boy filled maybe you can send this broke mexican stogies!!! {thats my weasel alert!} EXCELLENT JOB BROTHER!

  2. Mark go to side bar under cigar index type in the build all will come up. Thanks

  3. Paul Tyler Says:

    Looks awesome! I am sure it was a lot of work…but must feel good that it turned out so great! Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing it all stocked and ready to go! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve seen better!!!!!….. haha Awesome build my friend all the hard work and cash have paid off, I can’t wait to win the Mikes Stogies Grand prize (all expense paid trip) to see the Humi. So whats the Projected total # of smokes in there bad boy?

    • Corey so have I seen better also my friend. Oh wait I lie lmao. Thanks buddy and anytime u have some free money to travel come to NY and the cigars are on me.

  5. Please pal the cigars are on you now!!!! AF1

  6. Awesome job you did on that, Mike. As great as it looks empty, I can only imagine what it’ll look like all filled up… especially after all the manufacturers scramble to help you load up, lol!

    • Jjo thanks buddy. The weasel was a shameless blast at those who are fake on twitter. I’ll keep them nameless lol

  7. GREAT JOB Mike, you really did a Nice job!

  8. Just had chance to look at the video. Excellent job on the humidor. Very impressive. Good luck and enjoy it Mike.

  9. Wow this is no joke, and I agree 100% about the wood. There was nothing left out here, this is how it’s done.

  10. Wow, the iphone 5 camcorder does suck :p LMAO At least I could watch it on my touchpad while waiting to move more crap around to get this damn house finally fixed.

    Too small and too empty. Tell that little woman to sit down and just ignore the $50,000 cigar bill so you can fill that bitch.

    Seriously, it looks very nice man.

    One concern is the hole in the wall for the humidification. Do you think you will need an air divertor on the end to take the humid air away from those shelves closest to it? Maybe divert it to the ceiling? I honestly dont know myself, just a thought.

    • Mikey u tell here to forget the money not me lol. The hole in the wall is angled up towards ceiling not shelves. This humidification system only releases small amount. I was concerned to but doesn’t seem to be an issue. The only concern I’m having now as I said in video is the lower sensor closest to humidification system is 10 percent higher.

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