Throwback Review: Vato Cigars Las Vegas Blend

This week I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with the Internet at the new place. And instead of the video that I was originally going to post, I decided to share the first review I ever wrote over two years ago instead of boring you with a “technical difficulties” excuse. The Vato Cigars Las Vegas blend was supplied by Paul and Sarah Vato of Vato Cigars.

So lets see how far I’ve come:

Vato Cigars Las Vegas Blend
Wrapper: Connecticut
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican and Honduras
Size: 5 ½” x 54 Robusto Largo
Strength: Mild
Blended by: Vato Cigars

Initial Observations: The wrapper is a medium brown with no imperfections. Any veins on the wrapper are very small, which gives the cigar a smooth, streamlined look. It appears to be wrapped well. The cigar has a mild aroma of wood and a nice earthiness.

Cut: Slightly soft but the cap stayed together.

Prelight draw: The draw was very loose, sure to produce plenty of smoke.
Toast and burn: I was able to easily achieve an even toast and the light was effortless without requiring any touching up.

First Blush Puffs: Slighty cedary, very smooth with an abundance of creamy smoke.


First Third: Notes of Oak and Cedar are evident. The flavors are very well balanced as the ligero from the filler adds a hint of spice without being overwhelming on the palate or in the smell of the smoke. The cigar produces plenty of silky smoke as well with a rich earthy aroma.


Second Third: The burn has remained perfect and even through the first and into the second third of the cigar. It is clearly a well constructed stick. The notes of wood have picked up and the faint hints of pepper remain on the back of the palate. The flavor profile finishes off with hay and oak.


Final Third: The epilogue of this Vegas blend remains as consistent as the rest of the cigar. Plenty of smoke, notes of oak, pepper and tangy cedar with underlying earthy flavors.


Conclusion: Vato Cigars has created a fantastic, balanced cigar. It is a perfect mild cigar for a morning smoke or even a great finish to the evening after a juicy steak with baked potatoes. This cigar is a great combination for a smoker with a more sensitive palate or a smoker new to cigars to experience the complexity and spice that a ligero leaf brings to the palate without being overwhelming. The Vato Cigars Vegas Blend is a cigar that I look forward to trying again and again.

Next week: Video Review of the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva!

One Response to “Throwback Review: Vato Cigars Las Vegas Blend”

  1. Hey Lady nice review, Sounds like it would be a very interesting blend between the Conni wrapper and the Ligero filler, Nice job you have come a long way but it looks like it was a great start.

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