New President

Today you will not be getting your review and I apologies for that. I’m still getting over a procedure that kept me in the hospital for four days. Long story short I had a procedure that was only supposed to keep me off the streets for a couple of days but ended up going wrong and I had to get a second emergency procedure the next day. so yay me, I am getting better after being bedridden for over a week but in no way shape or form able to smoke cigars and I apologize for this. But heck today we get a new president so fingers crossed its the one you wanted, heck it was a 50/50 guess. See you all in two weeks sorry again.

2 Responses to “New President”

  1. Hope all is well buddy get better soon

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Sorry to hear Mike. I have really been out of the loop for a while. Hope you are doing well now!

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