Cigar Factory New Orleans – Connecticut

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: ??

Filler: ??

Size: Robusto 5×50

Pre Light

I picked this up down on Bourbon St. at the Cigar Factory during my recent trip to New Orleans.  All the cigars are rolled right there on the premises.  I couldn’t find any information on the blend and didn’t even think to ask when I was down there.  The wrapper is a little rustic looking with just a slight oil sheen to it.  It has an earthy and sweet scent off the cold wrapper.  It feels well packed from head to foot and has a nice draw after clipping off the cap.

1st Third

The cigar opens up pretty mellow without any type of pepper kick.  The flavors are smooth and tasty.  I’m picking up coffee and nuts in the first inch or so and the burn is staying cool and even.

2nd Third

The middle portion of the cigar opens with a more earthy tone to it with a slight wood flavor in the background.  There has been no pepper at all so far and it’s burning perfectly.

Final Third

In the last portion of the cigar all the flavors came to together and blended together very well.  The burn continued to stay straight, even and cool.


The flavors well plentiful and were blended very well.  The construction was perfect.  I didn’t need any relights or touch ups the whole way through.  I really enjoyed these and wish I would’ve picked up the other lines they had while I was down there.

Keep em burnin’


One Response to “Cigar Factory New Orleans – Connecticut”

  1. This is one of their “Plantation Reserve” cigars. I used to get a few of these when I first started smoking, and remeber them just as you described it.
    The Tres Hermanos is my favorite from them. They are good fresh, but evem better after 6/9 months.
    Next time, go to their shop on Decatur. Its alot bigger, more rollers & more relaxed.

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