Cubanacan by Tarazona Cigars

Over the last couple months it seems my errand running has increased dramatically. As a result, I have been reaching for some smaller cigars for these quicker jaunts instead of relighting my usual robusto. One of my most recent faves has been the Cubanacan from Tarazona Cigars, measuring at 4 1/2 by 42. It has a Connecticut wrapper, Habano binder and Nicaraguan filler.


The cigar has a smooth, light brown wrapper with no imperfections. The wrapper smells sweet and woody and the foot has hints of cocoa. The cold draw has wood, spice and a hint of sweetness, very floral like.


Right away on my first draw I pick up allspice washing over the palate, leaving hints of cedar, coffee and a hint of sweetness. The retrohale has a nice warm spice note. Each draw produces plenty of smoke. After a quarter of an inch, floral and honey become very distinct on the finish. For the remainder of the first half, the notes are a smooth transition of allspice, coffee, cedar, sweet floral and honey.


In the second half, the cedar moves to the front of the palate, followed by coffee, cream with a honey and floral finish, while the allspice is subtle in the background all the way through. The retrohale remains spicy. Almost to the band, the allspice and coffee really start to stand out, the honey and floral subside and the cedar is most noticeable on the finish. The spice warms the entire palate. The flavors remain all the way through the finish.


If you are looking for a medium bodied, 25 minute smoke with a lot of flavor, the Cubanacan is definitely one I would recommend. In the last year Tarazona Cigars has gained some good footing in the cigar industry and the Cubanacan is sure to be a hit, don’t let the Connecticut wrapper fool you, it definitely has some punch. One thing I have noticed out of any Tarazona I have smoked is the consistency and quality of flavors. I know what to expect each time I light one up and have enjoyed every experience.

2 Responses to “Cubanacan by Tarazona Cigars”

  1. Hey Girl great review and that helps me out with a problem I’m looking for that quick 30 min stick for the ride home and maybe 10 min left on the porch when I get there. These will be on my radar…Happy Friday

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Great review. I have not tried these. I am always looking for that 30 min driving cigar.

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