Viaje Zombie

If you’re reading this then “Mayan Doomsday” was a crock of shit and zombies have not eaten your brains. Yet. So I figured for the sake of being festive (and a nerd) I would review this years Viaje Zombie and make it one of my Doomsday sticks.


This spring marked the second annual release of this limited stick. And typical of LE’s there isn’t to many facts out about this blend. However, it is a Nicaraguan Puro and features triple caps on BOTH ends of the 4 7/8 by 52 stick. The wrapper is very dark and oily, emanating a rich, sweet, earthy scent.

The cold draw has hints of cocoa, raisins and earth. Upon lighting, wood, earth and cocoa hit my palate with a hint of spice on the finish. After several puffs, the spice intensifies on the front of the palate with a woody finish mixed with raisins. There isn’t much change in the first half inch but there is also a great amount of spice I’m the retrohale. The spice picks up in the finish of the first third, so does the cocoa. The finish is more earthy and sweet.


The middle third is rich in cocoa and spice through the entire draw with a finish of cocoa and earth. The spice remains in the retrohale and there is plenty of smoke. At about halfway through, the spice practically drops off leaving cocoa, wood, raisins and sweetness on the palate with the same earthy finish.


Cocoa becomes the main note in the final third, with a hint of spice and wood, with sweet cocoa and raisins again on the finish. The burn throughout remained nearly perfect and the draw was just as good. In the last bits of the cigar, the spice returns and tingles the whole palate.


I’ve been smoking my way through a box of these and have enjoyed every one. I’m definitely looking forward to next years release.

2 Responses to “Viaje Zombie”

  1. hey Girl glad to see we are all still alive!! I don’t smoke much viaje stuff they are not around in my area, and I haven’t been blown away by the sticks I did have. As always love the reviews, and Merry Christmas to the Mikes Stogies Gang.

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    I have to agree with Corey. I have smoked half a dozen of various Viaje sticks and have not been very impressed with them. More hype than substance. I have not had this one so if you give it a thumbs up, I will definitely give it a go. Happy holidays!

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