Hogman’s Top 5 Cigars for 2012

So as many of you viewers know pretty much every site has come out with their Top Cigars of 2012 and I am no different except my list is a Top Five and may or may not have a surprise or two in there. So let’s see what I thought were my Top 5 cigars I smoked in 2012.

Coming in at NUMBER 5.


The L’ Atelier Lot 54 by Pete Johnson is in my opinion the sleeper cigar of the year and by that I mean I really didn’t hear much chatter in the early stages of this cigar when it came out and now it seem’s I’m hearing tons of great feedback and I am not surprised. This cigar rocks with flavor’s of spice,cedar,chocolate and earth. Modeled after the Cohiba Behike this cigar has a price point that makes you go out and grab a box. Check out this cigar and you wont be disappointed.


Ortega Series D


My number four is the Ortega Series D the first release from Eddie Ortega on his own. First thanks to Matt at http://www.cigarporn.com for the photo as I made a newbie move and deleted my photo’s from my review lol. This cigar has amazing flavors of cocoa,cedar,leather and spice. Great medium body smoke that all can enjoy. I think Eddie has a great start on his own with this smoke.


CYB aka Cuenca Y Blanco


Man between this and my number two cigar it was very close but someone had to be third which isn’t a bad number at all. The man behind Joya de Nicaragua, Dr. Alejandro Cuenca and Jose Blanco created a winner in the CYB. This cigar I am not shocked has made several blogger’s Top 10 with its amazing flavors of coffee,nut’s,leather and spice. Look for more great cigars coming out of the Joya de Nicaragua company.


La Duena

La Duena

The La Duena by Janny Garcia and blended by Pete Johnson is one kick ass smoke it smokes very smoothly and had some awesome flavor notes of espresso,cedar,leather and spice. This cigar has beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and the cigar alone has everything you would look for in a well-balanced cigar. Put this one in your rotation and you wont be disappointed.

Ok we have arrived at Number 1 and if you are a follower of mine here and on twitter then you wont be surprised by my Number 1 pick. I’ve seen some people state this cigar lacked flavor in the second part or it diminished and I’m not sure what they were smoking but to each their own. This cigar in my opinion was the staple of what I look for in a perfect, complex well-balanced smoke.


HG Cover

Headley Grange

The Headley Grange by The Crowned Heads is my Number 1 cigar for 2012. As you may know I wasn’t a huge fan of their first release the Four Kicks as I stated to Jon Huber that for my flavor profile it was a little flat with complexity and I admit Jon was more than a gentleman with my honest thoughts, so when the Headley Grange came out I went into it hoping it had what I was looking for and man this cigar blew me away. As you know I am a huge fan of the Illusione Epernay and was wondering for the past two years what would knock it off my Number 1 list. Well it’s here folks go smoke the Headley Grange and see for yourself the great complexity,smoothness and flavors of this cigar.

13 Responses to “Hogman’s Top 5 Cigars for 2012”

  1. Nice list Mike. I never had the L’ Atelier but am keeping my eyes peeled to see if it shows up around me.

    P.S. awesome that I put my email in and it fills the other info out to post – yea, being lazy rules

  2. Bill Williams Says:

    I’ve had 4 outta 5 and will be out looking for L’ Atelier today. Looks like I’ve found someone with similar taste profile likes. Thanks and great list!

  3. All fantastic cigars Mike. Happy New Year!

  4. Hmm, I’ve only had the CyB and La Duena so far, and they’re both high on my list (I do have an Ortega waiting to be lit up). I’ll take your word on the others until I can get my mitts on them, since I know you’re a man of impeccable taste, if not pronunciation. 😉 Have a great New Year!

  5. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Thank you for all you do Mike. Hmm, HG no.1. Love this cigar just not sure I would rate it no. 1. Have not had the CYB or the L’ Atelier yet. Love. The Ortega and the La Duena.

    • Tad thanks my friend and thats the great thing about cigars, we dont have to skways agree we enjoy what we enjoy. Be safe buddy.

  6. great list Michael. I’ve had a few of those on the list and love the Headey.
    You do a great job and love what you do. From a keen cigar smoker to another have a great New Year!

  7. Daryl Ives Says:

    Just bought my 1st box of HG and looking forward to it. If I remember correctly I really enjoyed the one you gave me. If not,then I know who to give them too…lol

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