YoungBucks Top Picks of 2012

Now these may not all have been from 2012 but I did review them all in 2012. These cigars are in order from 1-5 in the order of which I liked most.

Numero Uno – EPC Dark Ritual

photo 2-2

Number two – My Father LE ’10


Number three – Tatuaje Brown Label Reserva SW


Number four – My Father Le Bijou ’10


Number five – Vieje Super Shot 10 Gauge


 Hope everyone enjoyed their New Years and hope to see all of you back this coming year. God bless and thanks again.

3 Responses to “YoungBucks Top Picks of 2012”

  1. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Happy New Year Mike! Love 1 thru 4. Not so much no. 5. Not so much that I didn’t love the cigar, just that I thought it was “underwhelming” way over priced for what I got in return leaving me depressed once again with the fact I spent money on another Vieje that I would never purchase again. Keep up the good work brother!

  2. Buck nice List not a big fan of the Viaje Sticks in general I haven’t found any worth the cash. Hope all is well buddy glad to see you back on the stick

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