Mike Ditka Kickoff Series Hall of Famer by Camacho


This evening I walked into Chesapeake Cigars with the intention of reviewing something completely different. However, when I saw they just received their shipment of the Mike Ditka “Kickoff Series” by Camacho I thought it would be fun to share my first impression. I decided to go with the “Hall of Famer” 6 by 50. This cigar has a San Andres Maduro wrapper, Honduran binder and filler from the Dominican and Nicaragua.


The San Andres wrapper is a bit toothy and has zero imperfections. It has an aroma of cocoa, hay and is slightly sweet. The cold draw has a rich cocoa flavor with hints of wood and hay. Upon lighting I notice, leather, wood, cocoa and spice. After several puffs I begin to pick up anise on the finish. The smoke is very aromatic and spicy in the retrohale. After an inch the spice starts to pick up more and really warms my palate. The cocoa, leather and anise are still noticeable on the finish.


Into the second third, I start to pick up a flavor mid draw that tastes distinctly like fig newtons, which is surprising but good. The spice remains on the front of my palate, on the tip of my tongue with leather and cocoa on the finish. The smoke is still slightly spicy but has become more rich.


From first puff, the Hall of Famer has produced plenty of smoke. It’s spicy and rich. But as I smoke into the last third of this cigar, the spice almost falls off the palate. The notes of cocoa, leather and anise remain rich but smooth. The flavors are consistent all the way through to the final puff, with hints of fig in the mix.


This cigar definitely made a great first impression. Although the burn wasn’t perfect, it was very rich and flavorful making it a solid and enjoyable full bodied stick. Now my review wouldn’t be a review without the usual photo of my nails… Notice they are my team colors, perhaps a coincidence of homage to my personal favorite Hall of Famer, John Elway. Go Broncos!


4 Responses to “Mike Ditka Kickoff Series Hall of Famer by Camacho”

  1. Hey I was wondering about this stick? I didn’t hear to much about it yet glad to see you are the first review I’m reading of it. Sounds like it would be a nice pick up and something to hold on to for a while and let rest. Great Review and good Morning!

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Very good review, I know you are a Broncos fan but coincidentally those colors are, at least in the pic, very close to “the Bears” colors. Which I thought was very apropos for the Ditka. Keep up the great work.

  3. I had the same thoughts as @Abraxas828282 . You need to add more red to that orange polish lol. I was a big Broncos fan back in the 70’s when I lived in Colorado, but now that I’m back on the West Coast… A great review, as always.

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