EH Vida

So as you can probably tell, I have become a bit of a CLE whore as many of my reviews have been their product. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have been so impressed with everything that has come from them. The EH is no exception. It is brought to us from Christian Eiroa’s factory and Edgar Hoill, the mastermind behind the OSOK that was released as a limited part of the Room 101 brand. These Nicaraguan Puros come in boxes of ten in three sizes. Today I am bringing you a review of the Vida, which is 4 1/2″ by 38/54/22.


The wrapper is a nice oily, medium brown. It has an aroma of earth, cocoa and tobacco. The cold draw brings notes of hay, rich earth and sweet cocoa to my palate. Cedar and earth are the most in the first few puffs. Spice then washes over the entire palate. The tasting notes are very rich in earth mid palate after about a half inch leaving aftertaste of cedar and cocoa. There is pepper and cinnamon in the retrohale.


Into the second third, the ash is holding solid. Spice, cedar, unsweetened cocoa take over the palate with anise in the finish. There is very distinct cocoa and earth in the aftertaste. The retrohale still maintains spice and cinnamon. The ash held up until just past the halfway point.


In the finishing third, the spice subsides quite a bit and the remaining notes balance out nicely with none overpowering the palate. In the last few puffs there is plenty of cocoa on the palate right before the finish.


I would definitely say this is a tasty cigar but it is also a stronger cigar, so if your palate is more inclined to a milder or medium strength cigar, take heed, this may just knock you on your ass. The quality of construction was just as good as the blend, so if you get the chance, definitely scope this cigar out in any of the sizes. I’ve smoked all three and have enjoyed each one. The EH Vida, however, is my favorite.

3 Responses to “EH Vida”

  1. CLE is a new company that I have heard lots of great things about (most from you) I have had some of their lines and enjoyed them all, I hope to be able to find these and give them a shot. Love the nails!

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Now this looks like my kind of cigar. I have not had this yet. Yet! Very very fine review. I am going straight to my computer and finding me some of these!

  3. Terry Prewitt Says:

    I’ve smoked the “Vida” and the longer “Passion” in the EH collection, and though my sensitivity of taste is not so refined, found them both to be excellent smokes. In terms of the “Vida”, your comments on the construction and qualities, and the enjoyability of this cigar are right on target. I tend to like maduros, and the short smoke of the “Vida” is really very nice.

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