L’Atelier LAT52

Sorry for the late post folks, it’s bed a bit of a crazy week and I totally forgot! Better late than never I suppose! This weeks review was a gift from the folks at Cigar Connection but it typically retails for $8-10. The L’Atelier LAT52 is from the creators of Tatuaje, blended by Pete Johnson and made by the Garcia family. It has a hybrid wrapper of Criollo and Pelo D’Oro called Sancti Spiritus. The binder and filler are Nicaraguan. The LAT52 is 4 3/4 by 52.


The wrapper is a bit uneven in color but has a very nice caramel hue. I notice a few very small veins but otherwise it’s very smooth and perfectly wrapped. It does also have a little pigtail off the cap. The aroma from the wrapper are of wood, cedar and sweet hay with grass on the foot and hints of cocoa. The cold draw has sweet, creamy notes with hay and some cedar. The first notes that hit my palate are cedar, coffee, cinnamon and toasted nuts with cinnamon in the retro hale. There is a noticeable tingle on my palate in the finish. After an inch I start to pick up a black peppery note that warms my mouth.


In the second third, I pick up cinnamon and spice by coffee and cocoa with a smooth finish. There is warm cinnamon in the retro hale. The flavor a balances out nicely at the halfway point. The black pepper fades and cedar is more noticeable. There is coffee and cocoa on the finish.


The the final portion of the L’Atelier LAT52 is very smooth with cocoa, coffee and cedar. There is spice tingling the palate during the finish with an aftertaste of coffee. Hints of cinnamon are still noticeable through the nostrils.


This cigar is a great medium body that borderlines medium-full in strength, flavor and complexity. It is one of my favorite go to sticks and a great daily cigar.

4 Responses to “L’Atelier LAT52”

  1. Have to try one Pete Johnson and Peppe Garcia always seem to make very good blends and by the way you have a very beautiful looking you should try hand modeling if you don’t slready

  2. Good review, I get pretty much the same flavors as you did. I seem to draw towards the Lat54 more, not sure why though. Both are good smokes regardless.

  3. Great review Christine. Been wanting to try these for a while. Nice nail color, BTW. Aubergine?

  4. I can’t wait to try these Mike has been raving about them, I hope these pop up in my area for the price I hear they are a steal.

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