I don’t know whats going on but it seems like we’re all getting sick.  I was hoping I felt better by today to put up a late review but I still feel like shit.  I’m sorry about missing my usual review but I’ll be back next week.  Maybe I’ll even give away some smokes for me missing this week.

Keep em burnin’


4 Responses to “Ugh!!!”

  1. I feal your pain! I think the 65° weather one day & 40° the next is finally catching up with me as well. Im ready for summer!

  2. Daryl Ives Says:

    I feel your pain…after 2 weeks of sore throat pain and nasal congestion I am just beginning to think about finally having a cigar. Worse part is I got a new shipment of Headley Grange to put in my new humidor (thanks Griff) and all I have been able to do is stare at them. I may brave it and try one today though.

  3. Sucks Bro. I hope you feel better, I too am in the fight for what I feel is the ability to breath again and not have a massive headache. This time of year sucks I can’t wait for the spring time, hope you get better bro. No rush back we will be here when you feel better!

  4. Same here! Can’t wait for the cold/flu season to leave and get smokin’ again! Tired of the crap weather and staring at the sticks in my humidor!

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