Back we go again……

Well so I tried to record a video while driving home last night to give to you fine folks but luck would have it my android failed me. So it looks like we are going back in time again for those lucky few who might not have been a fan of our site back in the day. Hope to figure this damn android out for next time.

Mobile device user’s click here:

[ width=”640″ height=”480″]

4 Responses to “Back we go again……”

  1. Oh brother, blame it on the technology. Excuses, excuses. C’mon man, just admit that senility is creeping up on your grandfatherly ass, LOL! Don’t worry, I’m still a lot older than you. 😉

    Thanks for all that you (and all the rest at Mike’s Stogies) do, Mike!

    • Jjo I wish I could blame it on the age but android failed me. Im hoping to have that video working for my next review. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

  2. Great review buddy, I have heard great things about these sticks, I hope to get my hands on some one of these days. Once again Congrats on the being a Grandfather you will love it my father is the single best example of a Father and Grandfather and I’m sure you will be seen as the same. Plus they do make large button phones for the elderly… just saying

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