Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 6×56

photo 1

Pre Light

Well it’s another Perdomo.  As you can guess I was at a Perdomo event at Holt’s last week and had to pick up a few sticks.  The newly released sun grown edition to the champagne line was something I was interested in smoking because I really enjoyed the original and he Noir.  The wrapper is a caramel color with a light sheen of oil on it.  The cigar has a very pleasant aroma to the cold wrapper.  After opening it up with a punch cut the draw was perfect with notes of coffee and cocoa.

1st Third

The cigar opens up with a slight hit of pepper to the palette. After a few minutes I start to taste the flavors I was getting in the cold draw.  The stick puts off a good amount of smoke and gives off a really enjoyable room aroma.

photo 2

2nd Third

The coffee flavor I was picking up in the first third was starting to become a lot creamier.  I was also met with a nutty flavor towards the halfway point.  The ash holds on for a long time and the cigar is burning cool and even.

photo 3

Final Third

The creaminess and coffee flavors went right on through to the end.  Burned cool and even all the way through and became a pretty full bodied smoke by the final couple inches.


I enjoyed this cigar.  Perdomo in my opinion flies a little low under the radar.  The have put out some really good cigars over the last few years and don’t hear people talk about them all that often.  I want to go back and smoke the original and Noir lines again just to see how different the wrapper changed the experience because I remember enjoying them and enjoyed this one as well.  Good flavors and good construction and you can’t do much better than that.

Keep em burnin’


One Response to “Perdomo Champagne Sun Grown”

  1. Perdomo always struck me as an every man’s cigar brand. They have decent prices, and good smokes. Nothing big, fancy, or gimmicky. The original Noir is on my frequent list, as is the regular Champagne for breakfast.

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